You may have a hard time perceiving Perfect Love, but when you choose to believe Perfect Love is available, you will see the miraculous results of letting it fill and satisfy you as no other love can.


  1. We free others up to do a better job loving us. We put people in an impossible situation when we are expecting from them what only God can give. We expect Perfect Love from imperfect people.


  1. We can love others as they are, not as we want them to be. When we accept the grace of God—that while we are still sinners, He loves us—then we can begin to extend that grace to others and love them as they are—imperfect, like us!


  1. We can love because we are loved—not so we will be loved. Our love becomes a free gift, not something with strings attached to it. We can love people who are hard to love because we need nothing back from them. If all we get are harsh words and criticism or even just a blank stare, we can still love them because we get the love and acceptance we need from God.


Fill in the blank: I love ________________________ because God first loved me.