You become a better caregiver when you realize what a gift you have been given to find out who you really are and what you are capable of — your power to love, the deep satisfaction that comes from humble service, the exquisiteness of fragility, and our marvelous connection with the Divine.

It’s not about the disease or disability. It about a life changing journey – like scaling the sheer face of a mountain with a helpless person strapped to your back. People below are watching and commenting but no one is helping. Your hands are raw on the rope. Your feet keep slipping on loose rock. It appears that neither of you are going to “make it.” But then, you reach the pinnacle! You are both exhausted yet you are exploding in celebration and great joy. You stand high above all the people who are watching, forgiving and grateful for what you now know. There is a loving force in the universe propelling us all ever higher. You shout it from the mountain top, “We are not alone!”